Seven Mile Beach

The premium property spot on Grand Cayman. Million dollar condos and multimillion dollar villas stretch the length of the fine sandy beach along West Bay Road from George Town to the borders of West Bay. In between the private homes are luxury hotels (... Read More

Total Listings 124 Average Price $1,278,107
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When you enter the Cayman Islands, you've stepped into a tropical paradise in its purest form! Those who are lucky enough to own Cayman Islands real estate enjoy the spectacular white-sand beaches, crystal clear water, and some of the best diving in the world. These are the main reasons why the country is the vacation home of over 1.5 million people each year, although the advantages of buying Cayman Islands property go beyond the breathtaking environment. The lack of property tax, income tax, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax makes the dream of living on this picturesque group of islands becomes that much easier to turn into a reality.

Life in the Cayman Islands is very safe and relaxed, with most establishments welcoming casual attire. From those born on the islands to the expats, you'll be hard pressed to find a friendlier group of people to welcome you to your new home. Combine this with the high standard of living, world class financial services, and political and economic stability, and it's easy to see why nearly half of the 60,000 full-time residents have moved here from overseas.

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There are many things to consider when moving to a new country, including purchasing a home. Tamara Siemens of RE/MAX Cayman Islands can help you explore the many Cayman Island homes for sale and decide which type of home and community is right for you. Whether you're seeking a luxury estate near the bustling Seven Mile Beach or a more conventional home in the quieter South Sound or West Bay neighborhoods, Tamara can help. Our RE/MAX Cayman Islands office also has access to information on everything you need to know about relocating to the Cayman Islands.

An idyllic life of leisure awaits, so contact our office today! We're happy to answer any questions you might have about the Cayman Island real estate market or our services. No question is too mundane. We want to help!

More About Cayman Islands Homes For Sale

The Cayman Islands consists of three islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. However, the vast majority of Cayman Islands homes for sale are located on Grand Cayman, which is by far the biggest and most populated of the three islands. On this island, you'll find immaculate homes surrounded by some of the most stunning landscapes on the planet!

Even though you may have only seen photos of luxurious villas at the high end of the market, Cayman Islands real estate offers so much more. A wide variety of single-family homes, villas, and condos attract all types of home buyers with a range of budgets. Cayman Islands homes also make great investment properties, as there is never a shortage of vacationers looking to rent. The lack of taxes and restrictions on foreign ownership only add to the benefits of purchasing an investment property.

The country's business center and most populated city is George Town, where you'll find several different home styles in the middle of the market. In towns such as Governors Harbour and Savannah, you'll notice a more residential environment, with a mix of peaceful condos and single-family homes. If you're looking for a beachfront home, the famous Seven Mile Beach and the more tranquil Rum Point are just the beginning of the amazing communities that feature powdery white sand to relax on and turquoise water to swim in. Relaxing here will make even the pickiest beach connoisseurs feel like they're in heaven!

Regardless of which area you live in, you're never more than a few minutes from one of the amazing beaches that this country is renowned for, so you really can't go wrong with any of the homes for sale in Cayman Islands. There's even an abundance of vacant parcels of land available to build your dream home.

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