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The North Side neighborhood is in the area near North Side Road and Rum Point Drive on beautiful Grand Cayman. This is truly one of the most peaceful neighborhoods on the island, with almost a suburban feel as you drive through the residential streets. Families and couples looking to live away from the bustle and noise on the west side of the island adore the cozy, but spacious North Side homes for sale. One- and two-story single-family homes near either the gorgeous shoreline or the lush inland forests are complimented by lovely townhomes and upscale condo complexes on the beach. All the open space is this spread out community means there's also plenty of vacant lots to build your own custom home. The diving and snorkeling near North Side houses for sale is also excellent, and most homes are located within walking distance of multiple ocean access points to enjoy the clear Caribbean Sea!

Overlooking Water Cay in the North Side area of Grand Cayman Island

Browse North Side Listings

Browse North Side Listings

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This neighborhood of only a few hundred people acts as a relaxing escape for even those already living in the Cayman Islands. Some residents who normally live in the George Town area own vacation homes in North Side, which speaks to the calm beauty and friendly atmosphere of the community.

The types of homes you'll find here vary. Traditional single-family houses with clean and often colorful exterior walls make up a good portion of the North Side real estate market. These one-story ranch-style homes and two-story homes built in many architectural styles are located on very spacious lots with either grassy inland yards or gorgeous beaches directly in front of them. Whether you're looking for a modern luxury home by the shoreline or a charming home tucked away on a bright green property surrounded by gardens and forests, North Side has options.

Speaking of green properties, there are plenty of those to choose from as well. North Side boasts vacant acreages and lots for sale that are ideal for families to build any type of home they can afford. With natural beauty all around you and extra-spacious properties, why wouldn't you want to choose North Side to create your dream home?

Of course, North Side isn't without its share of high-end beachside condos. While not as plentiful as in Seven Mile Beach or even South Sound and West Bay, these units are just as beautiful. Developments such as the low-density On The Bay complex features apartments with picturesque views from expansive balconies and sleek 1,600-square-foot interior floor plans. Whether you're looking to rent, own, or rent your unit out, North Side condos are made for those looking to bask in the sunshine and live the quiet life.

Amenities Near North Side Real Estate

North Side is a small, tight-knit community with a modest selection of local businesses and a well-respected school (North Side Primary School), giving residents everything they need. Restaurants such as Over The Edge and Kurts Corner also provide tasty dining options with laid-back vibes. Additional eateries and watering holes in the Rum Point neighborhood are just a 5-to-10-minute drive away.

The beaches in North Side are smaller than in most other areas on Grand Cayman, but the sand is still powdery soft and the snorkeling and diving nearby is excellent. Meanwhile, the area's inland nature is highlighted by trails through tranquil forests and around the salt-water Malportas Pond.

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